Skate Rules for WNS Events

Skate Rules for WNS Events

basic rule …

… is of course §1 StVO :

  1. „Participating in road traffic requires constant caution and mutual consideration.
  2. Every road user must behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered or hindered or bothered more than is unavoidable under the circumstances.

Passive Safety

  • helmet protectsA helmet is mandatory , we don’t discuss that.
  • Wrist , knee and elbow pads!
    Even if you think you can drive safely – someone in front of/next to/behind you might not be able to do it, or a pothole is spotted too late…
  • Skate nights are called skate nights because it usually gets dark. Therefore: see and be seen blinkers (red diode lights), reflectors, light-colored clothing; Flashlight!
  • See also our Safer Skating page !

skate technique

  • Braking and dodging shouldn’t be a problem for you!
  • If so: take part in a course , where you will learn how to brake and a lot more!
    Links to skate courses
  • uphill/downhill – there are no absolutely flat tours, at least one bridge or something similar is always there. Hence:
    • Braking shouldn’t be a problem for you, even when it’s going downhill!
    • Remember to skate on the right, even on inclines – overtake on the left (leave)!

Right skate mandatory, overtaking, slalom ban

  • As in normal traffic, the same applies to the skate nights: skate on the right, overtake on the left .
  • If it’s tight when overtaking : Point out to the person in front of you in a friendly manner that you want to overtake („Turn left, please!“) and wait until there is space.
  • Conversely , please make room if someone wants to overtake you, especially folders!
  • The people in front of you are not slalom poles ! If you like to show off your technical skills, you should remember that other skaters can’t brake or dodge as easily as you – find another way of self-expression…


  • Follow the instructions of the police and stewards – they are for your safety! (stay in lane, danger points, …)
  • By the way: The stewards are active on a voluntary basis – don’t cause any unnecessary stress for you and them. 🙂

warning signs, accidents

Observe and, if necessary, give warning signs to alert subsequent skaters:

  • one arm up : Uffpasse! (road damage, obstacle, fallen skater, …)
  • both arms up : slow down!
  • Cross your arms : … immediately!
  • Arms up and swing right/left : Turn right/left
  • You are also welcome to call out appropriate warnings, e.g. „Rails!“, „Pothole!“, …
  • External link: Hand signals for inline skaters

In case of accidents/falls:

  • give hand signals, shout („fall!“)
  • Secure to the back so that nothing else happens. (Ask for support from other skaters!)
  • Don’t stand still and stare, but help out or make room for rescue vehicles, paramedics and stewards.
  • If necessary: ​​take care of the fall victim (first aid, talk to him, …) and stay with him until the end of the convoy – the paramedics on board take over from there. Wave these!
  • If it’s a serious/consequential fall, witnesses please stay on site.

speed and convoy

Since we skate in a convoy and don’t want to hold up the other traffic unnecessarily long:

  • Anyone who skates outside of the convoy is not part of the event and must adhere to the normal StVO rules, according to which skaters belong on the sidewalk.
  • Nobody overtakes the front folders!
  • Stay together, don’t leave gaps in the convoy, don’t loiter!
  • You should already be in a good condition, we don’t skate at racing speed, but depending on the tour (see respective announcement) approx. 15 – 20 km/h.
  • Unfortunately, we have to „sort out“ skaters who are too slow so that the convoy doesn’t get too long (gaps in the convoy endanger everyone: car drivers are tempted to use them…; we don’t want to disrupt other road traffic any longer than necessary.). Please understand, even if it’s difficult…
  • Anyone who is too slow and is sent onto the sidewalk by the stewards should simply train for the next time! ( route tips )
  • On some tours there is a „broom wagon“/bus at the end of the convoy that you can board. Just stand on the right-hand side of the road and give the bus driver a friendly wave. 🙂

Oncoming traffic, sidewalk

  • At times we have oncoming traffic – stay on the right side of the road !
  • We usually skate on the street with a police escort – the sidewalk is then taboo for you. Anyone leaving the event and skating on/home on the pavement: please (as usual) be considerate of pedestrians!

Nordic skating, dogs, bicycles, …

  • … are not allowed for security reasons.

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